Ted Camp


 Ted is a master potter and teacher producing large and small scale work of his own design, both wheel thrown and handbuilt.

Ted started out studying chemistry. He ended up being an artist, drawn to the tactile sensations and aesthetic experience of working with clay. Unlike a lot of potters, he was captured by the chemistry of ceramics. He makes all his own clay and glazes, which allows him to manipulate his creations in ways a lot of potters can’t. Ted has been teaching ceramics for over 35 years. Over the years, his teachings have informed and enriched his art.

Ted was a professor of Ceramics for 35 years at State College of Florida. During that time, he gave numerous workshops within the state and at schools in the north. His work spans many categories including wheel and large scale hand built forms that focus on utility and/or sculpture and is in numerous private collections throughout the country.