Student & Member Show

March 6th – April 6th, 2012

Juror’s Statement

Thank you for the opportunity and pleasure of judging the Art Center Manatee current member and student exhibitions. In both the student and member shows I was impressed by those who took risks and experimented with media as well as those who chose a conventional approach and manifest that they had mastered the process of working with their chosen medium. It was great to see humor in some of the work. Deciding what to include in a scene and what to crop out provides a focus of attention for the viewer. Some of the prize winners addressed these issues very well. Winners demonstrated that they had established a particular challenge for themselves and had achieved their goal in the completed work. It might be a photo-realist view of Paris or the atmospheric light of the Coast of Cornwall. There were many strong works in watercolor. Some were loosely painted and spontaneous. Others were tighter and more detailed. Artists gave themselves compositional challenges such drawing a sitter and her reflection or the effect of rust on the hull of a boat. The art world values the contribution that is unique and that advances the possibilties in a particular medium and so do I.
-Mark Ormond