Vibrant Watercolor Workshop, Soon Warren, NWS, AWS

Soon Y. Warren  B-A
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00-4:00
March 10, 11, 12

In this workshop, you will learn how to create certain images, such as a cut crystal bowl with floral or fruits, a Koi pond, an animal, in watercolor in a step by step process. The images will be chosen by the workshop coordinators.  The step by step images and text will be provided from Soon Young Warren for the guidance of all levels. To speed up the class exercise, Soon Y Warren will provide a digital reference photo, drawing, and step by step images for the group exercise. Following a painting demonstration of each step by Soon Young, participants paint step by step in order to fully understand and experience the process. While concentrating on technique, the concept of color theory, composition, and color values will be incorporated into the workshop. The workshop will have main subject and second subject as a filler project to complete the full workshop.

While painting, workshop participants will learn:

  • Glazing and washing techniques to create a luminous under painting
  • How to utilize light and dark values in order to capture the sparkle of crystal, smooth background wash, or pouring background
  • How to approach a painting
  • How to incorporate the concept of color theory and color relationships into a painting
  • Discussion and critiques will follow during workshop session
  • In addition to the group exercise, participants are encouraged to bring current pieces to paint along with reference photos. To make the most of instructional time, prepare the drawing before the workshop.
  • Second project would involve a different subject with different approach and technique, such as a pouring process for creating background before the subject or keep the paper white as is.
  • Bring own original painting to work on in your free time during or after. It may be a good exercise to work with similar color scheme and technique.

S1: Mar 10, 11, 12

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