Qing Wang

My name is Qing Wang. I grew up under the nurturing OrientaI culture and art. But I took a fancy to sketching and Western Art in middle school.  I started to draw billboards for stores when I was 15 and studied art design and fine art while in college. After college, I had my own Advertising design company for a few years and worked for three galleries as a contract artist. During that time my artworks was sold to Russia, Arabia, Korea, and US. 

My work is very diversified. I create paintings in different mediums such as oil, acrylic, watercolor and resin and also enjoy resin pouring – even painting in resin. Yes, I’m still exploring my art style. 

I know there are more and more people and kids who love to paint and create – I’d love to share my skills and fun with everyone. I taught 155 students when I was in North Carolina. 

I love beaches so I create a lot of sea life and seascapes. In Feb 2020, I moved to Florida to explore my art career further. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and hope I can have more students join with me on my creative journey.


Classes with Qing Wang