Maxine Masterfield

January 7 – February 1

Maxine Masterfield, Searle Gallery

Opening Reception Saturday January 12, 4pm

Artists Statement

Over 63 years ago I decided I would dedicate my life to becoming a fine artist. I was 16 at the time and never realized the hard work it would involve. I struggled through art school but never gave up, and by studying the various styles of other artists they helped me find my own voice.

I couldn’t afford paints or canvas, so I had to use whatever I could find – hardware brushes, rags and sponges. I found it difficult to paint details which let me on the path of experimental painting.

My inspirations for my work comes from many different places and experiences – from visiting a machine museum where I became obsessed with transmission parts to discovering the images in sliced agates, lace, pressed flowers, or cracks in a sidewalk. Experiences or objects can start me down a path of experimenting with different materials – sprayed, splattered or poured.

In the early 80’s Gracie Hegeman (from Bradenton) and I started an International Society for Experimental Artists. We soon discovered we were not alone. ISEA is still going strong with members from around the world.

Maxine Masterfield