LiveArtfully at ArtCenter Manatee

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ABOUT LIVE ARTFULLY, a division of ArtCenter Manatee, unfolded as a by-product of being surrounded by beautiful handcrafted items thoughtfully created in our community and our desire to share the talent of these amazing artists with the world.

ArtCenter Manatee is the premier center for art, art education and unique gifts in Manatee County and in its 81st year as a thriving arts organization.  We have a staff of five committed to the importance and impact of a vibrant and healthy arts organization in our community. For years, within our 10,000 square foot building, we have had a gift shop, called the Artists’ Market, dedicated to handcrafted, quality items.  As we continue to grow we are continually challenged with lack of space and creative ways to share the talent we enjoy every day in the shop. One obvious solution was a website dedicated to high quality art. So began the journey of

We were fortunate to received funding from the Manatee Community Foundation to launch this website. They are a progressive and thoughtful non-profit that connects the needs of the community with the charitable interests of donors who saw the inherent community value of this project. We see this as an opportunity to engage, employ and expand upon the talents of Florida artists.

As you peruse the website know that your purchases make a difference in the world. The profits not only directly impact the artist but also help offset the cost of art education for the community as we strive to make art affordable and obtainable to all.

I hope you enjoy the unique art within and know that we will continue to evolve, so stop by often!

Warm Regards,

Carla Nierman
Executive Director