Linda Tilson


I love working with color and fabric, experimenting with techniques and materials to create beautiful textiles. Most of my handmade clothing and accessories are cut from my hand-painted, dyed or marbled textiles. I begin with a design idea, make the patterns, create and cut the cloth and sew them in my studio. With a degree in Clothing and Textiles from Texas Tech University, I have been a designer, boutique owner, wholesale business owner, teacher and artist. For many years I traveled and sold my designs at some of the top juried Fine Art/Craft Shows in the USA, and I still exhibit in select shows because I love to meet my customers, get their feedback and hang out with my artist friends. Because of the “free” way I create textiles many of the pieces are one-of-a-kinds, but I often take orders for “similar”. I use high quality fabrics and professional dyes that are set according to specifications, usually by steam setting. Through the years many customers have been happy with the uniqueness, fit and quality of my designs, and I hope you may find a piece you like!

Classes with Linda Tilson