Fractal Art By Joseph Presley

Kellogg Gallery June 23-July 31, 2015


Held for one week! Closes July 31st at 5:00pm

Joseph Presley is a local artist who combines mathematics with modern technology to render multilayered fractals into beautiful and deeply emotional artistic expressions. He has practiced fractal art since the late 90’s and is a true pioneer of this stimulating new art form which is recognized by its multifaceted patterns and infinite detail. As a pianist of 35 years, Joseph’s love for music is interwoven throughout his artwork and creates a confluence between his two greatest passions. With a third of the collection being musically themed, and live piano solos played by the artist throughout the opening reception, this will be a very unique and personal showing. Come experience the magnificent world of fractals as translated by Joseph and learn more about this beautifully complex realm of art.