Reflections in Color: Art Dillard & Friends

Rainy Days by Arthur Dillard

Searle Gallery
April 28-May 29, 2015

Opening Reception Thursday, April 30th, 5-7pm

Arthur Dillard is a local Bradenton artist whose unique watercolor paintings have been shown nationally as well as having won multiple awards. This exhibit features Art and a few of his friends.



“Rainy Days” by Arthur Dillard

Curator’s Statement

I would like to thank these artists for submitting their work. These artists are family. I met some of them as many as 20 years ago when African American Artists had few venues to showcase their work. Because of this, we would travel all over the country together from New York to California. We would stay in some cities up to a month. Some of us would share hotels, travel and food. Because of these bonds, not only was our work elevated, our business plans improved. We became a large family of Artists. It has been my honor to pull this show together and unite a group of friends.

Art Dillard

The Artists:

Arthur Dillard, Bradenton, FL

Major Gladden,  Sarasota, FL

Kareem Jones, Atlanta, GA

Ben Love, Bradenton, FL

Junior Moore, Kingston, Jamaica

Eluster Richardson, Tallahassee, FL

Everett Spruill, Orlando, FL