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Qing Wang

My name is Qing Wang. I grew up under the nurturing OrientaI culture and art. But I took a fancy to sketching and Western Art in middle school.  I started to draw billboards for stores when I was 15 and studied art design and fine art while in college. After college, I had my own Advertising design company for a few years and worked for three galleries as a contract artist. During that time my artworks was sold to Russia, Arabia, Korea, and US. 

My work is very diversified. I create paintings in different mediums such as oil, acrylic, watercolor and resin and also enjoy resin pouring – even painting in resin. Yes, I’m still exploring my art style. 

I know there are more and more people and kids who love to paint and create – I’d love to share my skills and fun with everyone. I taught 155 students when I was in North Carolina. 

I love beaches so I create a lot of sea life and seascapes. In Feb 2020, I moved to Florida to explore my art career further. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and hope I can have more students join with me on my creative journey.

Classes with Qing Wang

Fishing For Diamonds Call For Artists

On Display: Oct 13 – Nov 20
Online Entry by Oct 1, 5:00pm
In-person receiving: Oct 10, 9:00-3:00pm

An open, all media juried exhibit with a twist (or two), sponsored by Jess Jewelers. First, the subject matter must be of a sea creature or a seascape, the second is that said creature needs to be wearing a diamond earring or the seascape must include a diamond earring. Why the specific guidelines? Jess Jewelers will present the top three award winners with a pair of genuine diamond earrings, as well as large cash prizes. So challenge yourself to think outside the tackle box and bring us your best whimsical sea creatures wearing some bling! 

First Place: $1000 and diamond earrings valued at $1000
Second Place: $750 and diamond earrings valued at $750
Third Place: $500 and diamond earrings valued at $500
Merit: $200
Best in 3D: $250
Best in Jewelry: $250
Honorable Mentions (3): $50 each

Sponsored by Jess Jewelers

Exhibition Requirements

Entry Fees: Entry fees are nonrefundable and support the exhibition program at ArtCenter Manatee and help to keep the arts alive and vibrant in our community. If you are not currently a member, an individual membership is available for $60 for one full year.

1 piece – members $20, non-members $30
2 pieces – members $30, non-members $50
3 pieces – members $35, non-members $65
Diptych –members add $5, non-members add $10
Triptych –members add $15, non-members add $30


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