Tom McCarthy

Marriage of Metals

Tom McCarthy  I-A
Saturday & Sunday, 10:00-4:00

Much like marquetry in woodworking, you can combine two or more different colors of metal in the same plane to create limitless patterns and shapes. All you need are basic jewelers tools, soldering skills and patience. This weekend we will create checkerboard patterns in two base metals. The checkerboard will then be cut into a shape and married into a third base metal.

We will also use the technique to create linear designs. Some metals don’t get along with others when soldered; we will discuss these. So whether you just want to inlay your initial or recreate a Persian carpet, this is the place to start.

This class requires previous experience in sawing and soldering. Come learn to make checkerboards, organic shapes and lines using copper, brass and nickel silver.

Lab fee: $25.00

Session 1: Nov. 1 & 2

FSG Members $250
Non FSG Members $300

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