Mastering Wet Into Wet Workshop with Kathleen Giles

Kathleen Giles B-A
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9:00-4:00

In this exciting and challenging workshop you will learn to paint into wet washes building both color saturation and value. Kathleen will share her techniques for “damp brush” giving students a new confidence over the medium. We will study hard and soft edges that are present in every subject matter. From composition, to using the computer to plan a strong value pattern, all aspects of the painting process will be discussed and demonstrated.  A strong emphasis will be made on the properties of different colors, staining versus opaque. Students will use compliments for vibrancy and to mix neutral colors in order to create dramatic paintings. All photo references will be provided prior to the workshop along with an e-mail from Kathleen with tips for drawing, etc. We will paint a flower, and a close-up cropped picture of a woman’s shoulder and hand. Some previous experience to advance.

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S1: Jan 18, 19, & 20

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