Raku, Seth Barendse

Seth Barendse
Fridays 6:00-9:00

The Japanese word Raku literally translated=Enjoyment! So come and enjoy “Raku” with me!

Glazing Raku pieces can be different from most other firing types, so I'll start with a quick overview of glazes and how to use negative space as a design element. Once we have enough pieces glazed, we'll start the first firing of the night and will continue until 9pm or all of the pieces are fired! Whichever comes first.

I hope that as a participant you will try to pull your own piece/s from the kiln. Because of this, there will be attire restrictions that will be strictly enforced for safety. You must wear long pants made of a material that will not melt -no polyester or nylon. You must also wear closed toed shoes. Safety is the first priority. Though very rare, I reserve the right to refuse to fire any pieces that I deem unsafe to tong.

Must bring bisqueware.

S1: Jan 11
S2: Feb 8
S3: Mar 8
S4: Apr 12

$40 ACM Members
$65 Future Members

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