Passionate Pastel Workshop

Joanna Karpay B-I
Friday or Thursday 9:00- 4:00

Learn to use vivid color and bold marks to create expressive, colorful paintings. Pastels are a vibrant and beautiful medium that can be used in bold strokes of pure color pigment to achieve exciting results. Various forms of dry pastels, papers and techniques will be discussed in this one-day workshop. You will benefit from a pastel demonstration using an underpainting technique. The use of an underpainting is taught to show how it enhances the final outcome of the work.

Then you will go on your own adventure creating a pastel painting working from your own photo reference. By choosing a photo of a place you've been there is a deeper connection and results in a more successful painting! Individual attention is given throughout the class. Known for her loose and expressive style, Joanna will help you loosen up to become a more "painterly" painter.

S1: Friday, Jan 19, 9:00-4:00
S2: Thursday, Feb 15, 9:00-4:00

$125 ACM Members
$175 Future Members

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