Nights Out – Raku

Creative Fun for Everyone! Raku with Ted Camp

January 19, 2018  6:30-9:00pm

When it comes to firing kilns, there is nothing more dramatic than firing raku at night! Raku has a long history originating in Japan, which involves firing clay objects very quickly (appx. 30 minutes) and extracting them from the kiln when the glazes become molten (around 1800 degrees!). The objects are then heavily smoked in trash cans where they develop dramatic, lustrous colors is the short space of about 8 minutes. Students participating in this event will apply glaze to pre-fired pieces, load and extract their pieces from the kiln to smoke them and at the end of the evening, take their glazed pieces home. The process is fast, exciting and the results are serendipitous and one-of-a-kind.

Special Note: Please wear closed toed shoes-No open shoes will be allowed.

Cost $48.00 includes all supplies, wine or beer & light snacks. Must be 21 or Older.

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