Norman Neidert

Norman Neidert is a fourth generation woodworker, having learned his craft under the guidance of his father, a master carpenter.  Norman has spent years applying his woodworking skills in the construction industry, where he was recognized for his attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.  Additionally, he has studied graphic arts, metalworking, and pottery, but woodworking remains his passion.​

For the past eight years, Norman has focused on deepening and honing his woodworking skills, taking specialized craftsman classes, and studying under masters like Roy Underhill (from PBS’s The Woodwright’s Shop) in North Carolina. When working on a piece, he has learned to follow a tree, listen to its inspiration, and let the wood do the work.  His final pieces are creations that expose what nature has already made.

Norman and his wife Robin, travel frequently to a cabin they built in southern Kentucky. In the nearby woods of Center Point, he carefully searches for individual trees, using damaged or diseased trees whenever possible. He chooses those that have unusual and interesting grain patterns and becomes familiar with the wood before beginning a project. Logs are then sawn and dried in a hand-built solar kiln.  Norman’s dedication to allowing the organic shape of the wood guide the design of a piece creates unique art that reflects the natural aesthetics of the wood.

Norman’s style can be described as “rustic chic,” and through the use of high-quality materials, he is devoted to combining comfort, strength, and beauty in his designs. Presently, Norman resides in Terra Ceia, Florida, where he works and studies to perfect his art as a woodworker.

Classes with Norman Neidert