Jennie Baas

100_1726Jennie Baas, Basket Weaver

Jennie has been an instructor at the ArtCenter, teaching the traditional yet contemporary art of basket weaving.

In creating her baskets, Jennie Baas operates from the belief that the “items we use in everyday life should be beautiful, as well as functional.” Using reed, fibers, pine needles, pottery, beads, yarn, gourds and more, Jennie incorporates both natural and non-traditional materials in updated interpretations of the basket form.
As a weaver for more than 25 years and teacher for most of that time, she loves sharing this very practical and beautiful art with others. There’s nothing like watching a first-time student realize that they can weave!

Throughout history, the art and craft of basket making has been passed down from generation to generation, in small groups and one-on-one instruction. Jennie is honored to be part of this tradition, and looks forward to sharing the art with you!

Classes with Jennie Baas