Florida Society of Botanical Artists

Reid Hodges Gallery April 1 – May 2, 2014

Opening Reception Thursday, April 3rd, 5-7pm

Love Botanicals” Florida Society of Botanical Artists, Reid Hodges Gallery

Botanical art and illustration have been a part of human culture since the dawning of time. While it informs and inspires many art forms, the role of botanical art is to blend the scientific study of plants with their artistic presentation. It is an art that fuses precision with poetry.

The Florida Society of Botanical Artists was formed to provide support and professional development to their members as well as sharing their passion for botanical art with the community of artists, art lovers and others inspired by the beauty of the natural world. The society promotes the public awareness of historical and contemporary botanical art and educates its members through exhibits, lectures and educational programs.

March 29 – Receiving 9am – 1pm
May 3 – Pick Up 9am – 1pm