Dancing Brush Sumi-e

Dancing BrushCurated by the Sarasota Sumi-e Society

On display Nov 7-Dec 8
Opening Reception Nov 9, 5:00-7:00pm

Pick up Dec 9, 9:00-1:00pm

New Bamboo by Nell MahaThe spare black and white style of Sumi-e ( ink painting ) was developed in China during the Sung Dynasty, 969-1274, and brought to Japan by Buddhist monks from 1338-1573. They had the cultural background for mature philosophical thought, and an appreciation for beauty and harmony. Through art, both poetry and painting, they strove to express their understanding of nature. Sumi-e, also known as Suiboku-ga ( water ink picture ) was initially practiced as a form of meditation. When the Sumi-e artist begins a painting, there is no correction, only responding to the mediums flow. The art of Sumi-e is a dynamic balance, creating paintings made of black ink, but often giving the impression of having color through skillful manipulation of values. In later years, color was introduced and used by many artists. The use of white or blank space for balance is known as Wu-Wei, the fullness of the empty, achieved through the principle of balance. See all the space, not just painted space as being worthy of our attention. When you think of empty space as being full of potential, that may be the secret to success in painting, as it is in life.

The Sarasota Chapter is a member of the Sumi-e Society of America, Inc. Our membership includes painters and non-painters, professional artists, calligraphers, teachers and students. In Sarasota, our emphasis is on education and sharing through monthly meetings, newsletters, workshops and exhibitions.

Banner image: Winter’s Peace by Linda Beaudoin
Below: New Bamboo by Nell Maha