ArtCenter Manatee Press Releases

2017-2018 Season

Apr 24, 2018 Southern Watercolor Exhibit

Apr 2018 KidsArt Camp Begins June 4

Feb 6, 2018   Fine Arts Festival At Riverwalk

Feb 1, 2018   AWS: World Class Talent comes to Bradenton

Oct 9, 2017   Off the Wall and Dancing Brush Sumi-e

Sep 20, 2017  Live Artfully and Port Side with Laura Waller

2016-2017 Season

Jun 20, 2017  Fur, Feathers, Flora & Fauna Exhibit

May 9, 2016   Color Outside the Lines, Artist’s Choice, 80th Anniversary Exhibits

Apr 17, 2017   ACM Welcomes the 4th Annual Manatee Schools K-12 Exhibit

Feb 23, 2017  Three Shows Open at ArtCenter Manatee: ISAP-FL, LWR Art Club, Student Show

Feb 9, 2017    Fine Arts Festival of Manatee County Returns to Downtown Bradenton

Jan 30, 2017  ArtCenter Manatee Receives Grant From The Bradenton Kiwanis Foundation

Jan 9, 2017     149th Traveling Exhibition of the American Watercolor Society & FSWS

Dec 06, 2016   ArtCenter Manatee Receives a Grant from the Tampa Bay Estuary

Nov 11, 2016   Dylan Pierce & Wonders of the World

Oct 10 2016     Art of the Heart Open Exhibit

Sep 30, 2016   Pen Women, TESA & 12X12 Exhibits

Sep 11, 2016   Our 80th Season

Aug 17, 2016   Candace Knapp and Something To Talk About Exhibits

Aug 17, 2016   ArtCenter Manatee Brings a Premier Season of Art to Our Community

2015-2016 Season

May 18, 2016   ArtCenter Manatee Welcomes Manatee County Schools Exhibit

Apr 13, 2016    ArtCenter Manatee Welcomes Three New Exhibits this Spring

Feb 18, 2016    ArtCenter Manatee Presents the Best Event of the Year – Snatch It!

Feb 4, 2016      Fine Arts Festival of Manatee County Comes to Downtown Bradenton

Dec 28, 2015    Mary Whyte: A Portrait of Us

Dec 1, 2015      Natural Elements and Fur, Feathers, Flora & Fauna

Oct 12, 2015     Over 80 and Still Creating & All Things Considered

Sep 16, 2015    ACM Exhibits: Lloyd Roberts, Nell Rude and Go with the Flow

2014-2015 Season

Aug 14, 2015    Art Matters at ArtCenter Manatee 2015 Giving Challenge

Aug 4, 20415    KidsArt Reception & Party at ArtCenter Manatee

Jun 5, 2015      Fractal Art and No Boundaries Exhibits at ArtCenter Manatee

Jun 1, 2015      ACM Partners with Home Depot to Paint Building

May 8, 2015     Every Child is an Artist: Manatee County Schools 2nd Annual Exhibit

May 4, 2015     Three Remarkable Exhibits at ArtCenter Manatee: Splash of Color, Black & White, Reflections in Color: Art Dillard & Friends

Apr 22, 2015    Positioned for Continued Growth: ArtCenter Manatee Continues to Move Forward with Board Elections

Mar 12, 2015   Two New Exhibits Coming to ArtCenter Manatee: Transformations and Our Annual Student Show

Jan 9, 2015     International Water Media Exhibit To Visit Bradenton: World-class Talent Will Be On Display At ArtCenter Manatee

Sep 26, 2014  Get fired up with a new gas kiln at ArtCenter Manatee

Sep 18, 2014  ArtCenter Manatee presents three distinct exhibitions “10th Annual Paint The Town,” ”CityScapes” & “Art By Kids With Cancer”

Sep 9, 2015    What do you get when you take ….

Aug 27, 2014  ArtCenter Manatee opens exhibition season with 3 shows “Over 80 and Still Creating,” ”It’s A New Day” & “The Art of Being Floridian”

Aug 1, 2014   Young at Heart. Big at Heart or  “Miss Carla?”

2016 Giving Challenge – Be the One



Be The One to make a difference in the life of our community.

Every donation will be matched up to $100 by The Patterson Foundation.

We believe each one of us has the potential to impact a person, a cause, a community. In September, you can be the one to make a difference by supporting ArtCenter Manatee during the 2016 Giving Challenge.

There are three ways to make a donation

  • Visit The Giving Challenge on Tuesday, September 20 at noon through Wednesday, September 21 at noon to donate online
  • Call us and we will take your information and enter it for you on the Giving Chalenge site Sep 20 or 21: 941-746-2862.
  • Enter your information on our secure form and we will enter it for you on Sep 20 or 21. Click here for the form

You may also stop by and submit a check or cash, they won’t be matched but we will be very grateful for any donation.

If you donated last year …

your $25 donation = $50, or your $100 donation = $200


If you did not donate last year …

your $25 donation = $75, or your $100 donation = $300

To complete a secure form online, click here

Your support makes it possible to:

  • keep art accessible by allowing us to hold exhibits that are free and open to the public
  • make a difference in the lives of young artists through our KidsArt programming, which extends to community groups like Just for Girls and the Boys & Girls Club
  • offer quality instruction in many mediums in quality studios
  • expand our programming
  • bring art into the community with events such as the Fine Arts Festival of Manatee County, supporting both the artists and the local economy
  • hold monthly receptions for our exhibits with complimentary appetizers
  • bring national exhibits like Mary Whyte and the American Watercolor Society to our community
  • offer a market to over 2,500 local, regional and national artists in our galleries
  • offer a market to over 100 artists in the Artists’ Market, sales from which offset the cost of classes and support the local economy
  • support over 45 visual arts instructors
  • return 1.7 million dollars to the community
  • be the premier visual arts center in Manatee County, keeping true to our mission since 1937

Your support makes a BIG difference!

A few notes:

  • The Giving Challenge is a 24-hour online campaign, Noon Sept 20, 2016 to Noon Sept 21, 2016
  • The minimum donation is $25 – all online donations are by credit card
  • ALL donations will be matched by The Patterson Foundation up to $100
  • They are offering a match on donations from donors who contributed in 2015 (returning donors): $25=$50, $50=$100, $75=$150, $100=$200
  • They are offering a match on donations from donors who DID NOT (new donors) contribute in 2015: $25=$75, $50=$150, $75=$225, $100=$300
  • you can give in any amount from $25 upwards and the first $100 will be matched. If you are a returning donor (donated in 2015) and you give $250, they will match the first $100, so $250=$350. If you are a new donor, your donation of $250=$450
  • The program is administered by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. Your donation is 100% tax deductible, and you will receive an immediate email receipt from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County.
  • If you would prefer we enter your information for you, you may fill out a form (online or by calling us). We will keep secure, and will enter for you on Sep 20. We will then shred the form. We do not ever keep credit card information on file and understand how important security is.
  • If you do not want to donate using a credit card but want to support the ArtCenter, we will gladly accept your donation at any time. Your donation will not qualify for a match but every dollar supports our programming.
  • To view our profile on The Giving Partner, click here. We are listed as The Art League of Manatee County or as ArtCenter Manatee.

Thank You!

The 2016 Giving Challenge is presented by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County with giving strengthened by The Patterson Foundation, as well as support from Manatee Community Foundation, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, William G. and Marie Selby Foundation, and the Herald-Tribune Media Group.

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