Kim Engles

yoga 2Kim Engles comes to her career as a yoga instructor passionate to share the benefits yoga has brought to her life. In 11 years of personal practice she has witnessed the absolute serenity, stress and anxiety management as well as the beautiful physical benefits of yoga. She contributes yoga as the catalyst that has guided and supported her through some of the most difficult and tragic times in her life.

Making a permanent move in 2014 to Florida from her native Michigan she effectively “retired” as an college instructor in Interior Design and Architecture and closed her design business. The prospect of building a new design business here in Florida did not appeal to Kim but her love of teaching did. Combining 2 loves, she enrolled in Heartwood’s Yoga Teacher Training and now holds both 200YTT and Chair Yoga certifications with Yoga Alliance Registration and is currently enrolled at Heartwood to complete her 500YTT program.

Kim offers a calm and supportive atmosphere in her classes which include but are not limited to: Restorative Aroma Yoga; Yoga Foundations; Basic Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Chair Yoga. She encourages open communication with her students so they can receive the most benefit from their yoga experience. She offers the gift of healing touch and aromatherapy in her classes as well as inspirational quotes and poems.

Kim believes that yoga has been a blessing to her and teaches from a “pay it forward” mentality leading the yogis in her classes to find more balance, flexibility and peace in their lives both on and off the mat.

Classes with Kim Engles

Jennie Baas

100_1726Jennie Baas, Basket Weaver

Jennie has been an instructor at the ArtCenter, teaching the traditional yet contemporary art of basket weaving.

In creating her baskets, Jennie Baas operates from the belief that the “items we use in everyday life should be beautiful, as well as functional.” Using reed, fibers, pine needles, pottery, beads, yarn, gourds and more, Jennie incorporates both natural and non-traditional materials in updated interpretations of the basket form.
As a weaver for more than 25 years and teacher for most of that time, she loves sharing this very practical and beautiful art with others. There’s nothing like watching a first-time student realize that they can weave!

Throughout history, the art and craft of basket making has been passed down from generation to generation, in small groups and one-on-one instruction. Jennie is honored to be part of this tradition, and looks forward to sharing the art with you!

Classes with Jennie Baas

Lucy Barber

Artist’s Statement, Exhibition Record and Teaching Experience

Lucy Barber has participated in numerous exhibitions in the United States and abroad, and her work has been reviewed in notable press such as The New York Times, The New York Sun, Philadelphia Inquirer, Art New England, among others. For her studio painting and drawing Lucy has received numerous awards, including two Pollock-Krasner Foundation grants. In 2008 Barber was invited to teach as full-time Visiting Artist Instructor at The Ringling College of Art and Design in the degree program, and also has taught there as part-time instructor. In addition, Barber has taught at Pratt Institute in the Foundation Program, Bowdoin College, The College of William & Mary among other esteemed colleges. Barber received her MFA in painting and drawing from Brooklyn College City University of New York, and her BFA in photography from the The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Lucy teaches and paints in Sarasota, Florida, conducting workshops, teaching privately and in classes.  

Classes with Lucy Barber

Sue Downes Allen

sue-allenWater is the foundation of every stroke. Images so natural they look like they were poured on the paper.

Works of art that provide a gateway for your eye and imagination to find a new direction and conclusion.

“The work that I do is founded in traditional watercolor, but in recent years I have explored the boundaries of all water media.  I am trying to strike a balance between my control and the alluring spontaneity of water media.  The final image is the result of my intent or message and this spontaneous approach.

I use watercolors, acrylics, inks, gouache and sometimes collage to create my paintings.” (From

Classes with Sue Allen

James Griffin

griffinI have several goals when I begin a painting, the first being to dive into the form of consciousness known as the “Flow”. This trance-like state is a form of meditation and a source of joy. I have to enter into the work for it to come alive.

My aim is to communicate that joy with the viewer, in whatever way is possible. That feeling of a shared experience with those looking at my work.Being passionate about painting has served me well over the years, both in my career as an illustrator and as a gallery artist. Working every day with color, form, composition and line has loaded my brush with a lot of experience. The things I like about creating an illustration carry over to things I like in doing my gallery work, telling a story, communicating with the viewer, catching and holding their interest.
My inspiration comes from the sunlit world in Southern Florida, as well as the crowded sidewalks of New York City and the endless variety of Maine. It also comes from dreams. I am not content to simply paint the view, but instead want to bring out mysteries and emotions lurking beneath its realistic surface.I grew up in South America and the UK, as well as the US and Canada, and graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Art degree from Pratt Institute. Being a realistic painter at a time when that was very much out of style, I found my way into doing paintings for paperback book covers, one of the last genres that appreciated realistic oil painting. As the number of my illustrations accumulated and moved up towards several thousand, I kept up my own work, experimenting with style and technique, showing here and there. Somewhere along the line, I noticed a blurring of the line between Illustration and gallery art. I was applying all the heart and soul of my personal work to “jobs” and using the possibilities I was seeing in illustration in my “fine art” work.And that’s where I stand now, continuing to produce illustrations as well as paintings for galleries, with the excitement of each giving something to the other.

Ted Camp

I have been a professor of Ceramics for the last 35 years at the State College of Florida. During that time, I have given numerous workshops within the state and at schools in the north. My work spans many categories including wheel and large scale hand built forms that focus on utility and/or sculpture. My work is in numerous private collections throughout the country. I consider myself student-centered and teach through demonstrations and hands on involvement with the student.

Donna Carrion


CarrionDonna-4smEven at a very young age Donna knew that she was an artist, but it was difficult for her to decide what medium would provide her with the satisfaction she desired. After enrolling in a jewelry-making class at the University of the Arts, Donna realized that her calling was a career as a Metalsmith.

Originally from New York, Donna currently resides in sunny Southwest Florida. She has a B.F.A in metals from the University of The Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her work has been exhibited in New York at the Rack and Hamper Gallery, at the New York Public Library in Manhattan, the Délann Gallery in Princeton, NJ, Philadelphia at Dizyners Gallery and in Portugal, Spain at the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Univasidade de Lisboa.

Classes with Donna Carrion

Joanna Coke


Joanna received degrees in Art History from Harvard, Education and Fine Arts from the University of South Florida and her Master of Fine Arts degree in painting from Louisiana State University. Her approach to art combines the abilities of the applied and fine arts.

Classes with Joanna Coke

Kerry Didday

Kerry Didday is an award-winning Florida-based artist. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art and Architecture. He has been active in the arts for many years, both corporate and fine art and teaches in St. Petersburg, Fl. Kerry is a founding member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters  (ISAP) and the International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA).

Classes with Kerry Didday

Libit Jones

libitLibit Jones is a Texas native who has called St Petersburg home since1995. She is a well known artist in the Tampa Bay area and a popular instructor.Although she works in various media, her passion is watercolor. She is a Signature member of the Florida Watercolor Society and a member of the International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA). She has been accepted into many prestigious shows and won numerous awards. Her paintings are owned by private collectors across the United States, Canada and England.


Deb Gallery

Debra Gallery graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa with an Art Education degree K – 12. She has taught art in public and private school systems, as well as private lessons for 22 years. She is known for her versatility of skills and media. Debra is presently an art instructor at Stewart Elementary School in Bradenton.

Classes with Deb Gallery

Graciela Giles

Graciela Giles Watercolor lasses at ArtCenter ManateeGraciela’s love of art, as well as music, blossomed early and the two have always formed a creative duet in her life. Her love of the natural world is readily apparent in her watercolors and musical expressions of paintings, places and people. Originally from Argentina, she has been an active watercolorist and teacher for two decades, earning awards from art societies for her sensitive portrayals of landscapes and people. Her artwork has been selected for numerous juried and invitational exhibitions and can be found in private collections internationally. Her affinities for art and music came together when she and artist/musician Rena Tatem created Painting Music/Playing Art workshops designed to facilitate connecting with our inner creativity. Graciela leads workshops and teaches watercolors at the Ringling College of Art + Design, Continuing Education, and various locations including The Rose/Giles Studio in the Village of the Arts, Bradenton, Florida. In addition to painting and teaching she gives piano, flute and vocal performances during which she captures the essence of visual art through music.

Classes with Graciela Giles

Julie Hanson

Julie received her B.F.A. from the Ringling School of Art and Design. Julie’s strong interest in color led her to the Cape Cod School of Art. Her artistic expression has been influenced by the plein air painters’ magnificent use of color.

Classes with Julie Hanson

John Hynal

John Hynal Photography at ArtCenter ManateeJohn’s introduction to photography began 40 + years ago when he received a 35mm birthday gift from his wife Peg. His enthusiasm increased with every shot he captured and before long he was winning awards in imaging and printing techniques. He entered the industry professionally as a photography instructor at Manatee Community College (now State College,) Manatee Technical Institute and also worked as an associate and management with local outlets (Norton Camera & Johnson PhotoImaging.) Along the way he owned & operated a Wedding & Portrait Studio (Affairs of the Heart) and a Photography School (Exposures Photo Workshops,) both based in Sarasota. Over the years he published in several magazines including the Oracle, Farm & Ranch (Readers Digest pub.) His passion has never wained and today he enjoys sharing his knowledge in his self designed workshop series titled “Creative Photography, Pure & Simple.”

Classes with John Hynal

Cecilia Jonsson-Bisset

Bisset_poseCecilia was born and grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. Her father was artistic, and helped Cecilia with drawing when she was a child. Cecilia and her family spent many vacation times outdoors, which instilled in her a love of nature and natural things.

After graduating from high school she planned a nursing career, but decided to give herself a travel break, and visited many European countries.

Cecilia spent a year in Greece. All the rich history and ancient art rekindled an interest in drawing, so she began to sketch on her travels. American friends that she met in Greece, persuaded her to visit the states.

At the age of 22, she traveled to New York, then visited Key West. For the four years she lived in Key West, Cecilia worked as an assistant to a set designer at the Tennessee Williams Performing Arts Center.

Still adventurous, she then bought a sail boat and cruised the west coast of Florida. At one stop, St. Petersburg, she made friends with another creative artist, Mariana Alzamora, who told her about the wonderful island of Boca Grande.

Her work is now very popular with her patrons on Boca Grande and at most exhibits her work sells out in a few hours. (From

Classes with Cecilia Jonsson-Bisset

Lisa Wojciechowski

Wojciechowski-Advanced-CeramicsLisa Wojciechowski earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a ceramics concentration from East Carolina Universary in Greenville, North Carolina. She started an Etsy shop in 2012 to market pet drinking fountains, pet urns and birdfeeders. Lisa has been a professional artist for over 15 years specializing in 2D illustration, painting and ceramics.

Lisa now focuses on teaching ceramics, pottery, sculpture, polymer tiles, and wine glass painting to adults. In addition to being an instructor, Lisa has participated in over 130 art and craft fairs.

Classes with Lisa Wojciechowski

Joseph Melancon

Joseph Melancon Painting Classes at ArtCenter ManateeJoseph’s paintings have won many National awards such as the CFS Medal in the American Watercolor Society and the Georgia Award and Purchase Prize in the National Watercolor Society. Several books and magazines have featured his paintings and he is included in private collections across the US.

He has a B.A. in Fine Arts from Louisiana State University and an MFA in painting and drawing from Texas Woman’s University where he was awarded membership in the National Honor society of Phi Kappa Phi for academic excellence. He has taught painting, drawing and design at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX, Eastfield College in Dallas, TX and Manatee Community College. Currently he is represented by State of the Arts Gallery in Sarasota, FL, Nuance Galleries in Tampa and St. Pete as well as Rue Cou Cou Gallery in Baton Rouge, LA.

Classes with Joseph Melancon

Mariarosa Rockefeller

Mariarosa Rockefeller Photo Classes at ArtCenter Manatee

Mariarosa Rockefeller loved to draw and paint as a child, but until her retirement from teaching mathematics at Utica College of Syracuse University, she had not been able to devote the time she wanted to art. Since moving to Florida with her husband and fellow artist, Roger (who also taught at UCSU), she has been “like a kid in a candy shop,” working with a variety of media including watercolor, pastels, pen & ink, and colored pencils. She has also been able to indulge her love of photography.
Her work has been accepted in numerous shows, in New York and locally, winning prizes in both painting and photography. She is a member of the Florida Watercolor Society and a Signature Member of the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society. (From

Classes with Mariarosa Rockefeller

Roger Rockefeller

Roger Rockefeller Watercolor Classes at ArtCenter Manatee

I was given my first oil painting set at the age of 12, and my first 35mm camera a year later. I was hooked. I have worked in many types of media over the years, but watercolor, colored pencil, pen & ink, and, photography are my current choices. Whether it be landscapes, seascapes, nature, or, still life, the subtlety and interplay of light and color are the ingredients that intrigue me.
In my professional life, I taught, but I always found time for the occasional art show or commission. Now I am able to devote full time to art, taking workshops, giving workshops, teaching art classes, doing art demonstrations, entering juried shows, doing one and two-person shows, and being actively involved with various art organizations.
I have participated in many juried shows in New York and Florida, and have won some awards along the way. I am a former member of the Central New York Watercolor Society, a participating member of the Florida Watercolor Society, and, a signature member of the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society. (From

Classes with Roger Rockefeller

Barbara Simmons

A certified teacher who received her training at Ohio University and Western Carolina University, Barbara taught with outstanding success at Southeast High School. She has long been a favorite with watercolor students for her well thought out and easy to understand teaching techniques.

Classes with Barbara Simmons