Matters of the heART – Open Exhibition


Searle & Reid Hodges Galleries November 4-December 5, 2014
Opening Reception Thursday, November 6th, 5-7pm

Receiving – 11/1
Pick Up – 12/6
Online Entry Open 10/6-10/24. Artists will be notified 10/28

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Jurors Statement

I am honored to serve as juror for this exhibit, “Matters of the Heart.” I was impressed by the many ways the theme was interpreted, and how each artist’s “heart” was communicated in their artwork. Some pieces delivered an immediate punch with strong design and vivid contrast; others quietly told their story after a second or third look. There were many pieces that displayed a high level of technical mastery. Visitors to the exhibit will be delighted by several new approaches to subject matter, especially figurative work.

I carefully considered each piece and compared it with the others with respect to initial impact, composition, originality, technical skill, content, and finally presentation. Naturally there were difficult choices to be made, given the many worthy pieces entered. If your piece was not included or did not receive an award, please know that I was limited by the space and there are many more pieces that deserve recognition.

Congratulations to every brave and talented artist who entered. Keep on expressing yourself through your art and sharing it with the world!

Best Wishes,
Kris​ Parins

Sumi-e Society


Kellogg Gallery December 9, 2014-January 2, 2015

Opening Reception Thursday, December 11th, 5-7pm

Works by members of the Sarasota Sumi-e Society.
The art of Sumi-e is a dynamic balance, creating paintings made of black ink, but often giving the impression of having color through skillful manipulation of values. In later years, color was introduced and used by many artists. The use of white or blank space for balance is known as Wu-Wei, the fullness of the empty, achieved through the principle of balance. See all the space, not just painted space as being worthy of our attention. When you think of empty space as being full of potential, that may be the secret to success in painting, as it is in life.

The Sarasota Chapter is a member of the Sumi-e Society of America, Inc. Membership includes painters and non painters, professional artists, calligraphers, teachers and students. In Sarasota, emphasis is on education and sharing through monthly meetings, newsletters, workshops and exhibitions.
Additional information may be found at and

Receiving – 12/6
Pick Up -1/3

World Travel Through Watercolor and Photography By Jody & Jim MacNeil


Searle Gallery December 9, 2014-January 2, 2015

Artist Statement: James MacNeil

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the camera, its ability to stop time, remember details and make me see the world through a different “lens”.  The camera gave me the feeling of creativity, even when it was film and you had to wait to see your picture.  Learning how to develop and print my own negatives opened another door. Our travels open my lenses to the sights of other cultures and other times and I hope to convey those images to others through my work.

Every artist has a muse or inspiration whether they know it or not and my wife is that for me.  As an artist, herself, she looks at my work with a different eye, a deep appreciation and that drives me to try new filters, new techniques and new cameras.  Any artist is ever evolving, but when you have captured the light, vitality, expression and brought out an emotion in the viewer through a photo, you have achieved true art.

Opening Reception Thursday, December 11th, 5-7pm

Receiving – 12/6
Pick Up -1/3

Florida Artists Group

 flag web 2

Kellogg Gallery January 6-30, 2015

Florida Artists Group is a non-profit group of practicing artists who have gained national or statewide recognition. Their purpose is to stimulate attainment of the highest standards of creative art within the state of Florida. This exhibit includes work from artists in Area III, including Glades, Hardee, Desoto, Highlands, Charlotte, Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

Opening Reception Thursday, January 8th, 5-7pm

Receiving – 1/3
Pick Up – 1/31

Member Show

Member web 2

Searle & Reid Hodges Galleries January 6-30, 2015

Opening Reception Thursday, January 8th, 5-7pm

They come from as far away as Quebec and as close as next door. Some are painters, some are sculptors, some are potters, some are jewelers, and some are wood workers. Though their tools vary, they share a talent and passion for creating something from nothing, for seeing the world from a different perspective. Every year, we celebrate them and their work in our Members Exhibit. On display until 30th.

Juror Statement
I applaud the enthusiasm of all the artists in approaching their chosen materials. The work chosen for the exhibition represents a clarity of process in achieving the final outcome. Each work focuses on  some aspect of the condition of being human and so each contributes to a multi-faceted showcase of talent of the members of ArtCenter Manatee.

Mark Ormond

The National Watercolor Society 94th International Traveling Exhibition

National Watercolor International Traveling Exhibition

Kellogg Hodges Gallery February 3-March 20, 2015

Opening Reception Thursday, February 5th, 5-7pm

ArtCenter Manatee is honored to host the pre-eminent traveling exhibition from the National WaterColor Society. Chosen from the field of 79 water media masterpieces selected into the International Exhibition, the traveling show features the work of 32 artists that has never before been shown nationally or internationally. Previous exhibits have included work by such American masters as Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth. This year’s show is sure to inspire artists and art lovers.

As one of only two venues in the country to host this show, ArtCenter Manatee will display the amazingly diverse water media work in the Kellogg Gallery from February 3 through March 20, 2015, with an Opening Reception on Thursday, February 5th from 5-7pm.

To help offset the cost of bringing an exhibit of this caliber to ArtCenter Manatee, there will be a $5.00 per person admission charge. This fee will be waived the night of the opening reception. Docent tours will be available for groups of 15 or more. Please call Annette to arrange a tour: 941-746-2862.

Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society – Aqueous Show 2015

Jorgensen,C 107 1st

Searle & Reid Hodges Galleries February 3-March 20, 2015

Opening Reception Thursday, February 5th, 5-7pm

FSWS was formed in 1983 to foster the advancement of and promote excellence in the art of watercolor painting. Their intent is to inform and educate through exhibitions, lectures and painting demonstrations as to the best work currently being done in watercolor.

Aqueous Watercolor is defined as a painting executed with any water-soluble medium, including gouache, acrylic, ink, egg tempera or watercolor collage, on such surfaces as paper, silk or Yupo, matted, and framed under Plexiglas.

Receiving 1/31
Pick Up 3/21

Transformations – Open Exhibition 2015

Kellogg & Searle Galleries March 24-April 24, 2015

Robin MacKay

Opening Reception Thursday, March 26th, 5-7pm

Transformations is an open, juried, all media exhibit. A transformation is a change. It can be in form or appearance or structure. It can also signify a remake or renewal, a morphing of one thing into another or a shift in process or life cycles. You decide.

Lloyd Roberts




Splash of Color Exhibit



Kellogg Gallery
April 28 to May 29

Opening Reception Thursday, April 30th, 5-7pm

An open all media juried exhibition of work that is all color or has a splash of color.

Pick Up May 30th

Speedy by Susan Elliott

1st Place: Jacqueline Clark, The Cat’s Meow
2nd Place: Lillian Sands, Reflections
3rd Place: Cesar Medeiros, Field of Dreams


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Reflections in Color: Art Dillard & Friends

Rainy Days by Arthur Dillard

Searle Gallery
April 28-May 29, 2015

Opening Reception Thursday, April 30th, 5-7pm

Arthur Dillard is a local Bradenton artist whose unique watercolor paintings have been shown nationally as well as having won multiple awards. This exhibit features Art and a few of his friends.



“Rainy Days” by Arthur Dillard

Curator’s Statement

I would like to thank these artists for submitting their work. These artists are family. I met some of them as many as 20 years ago when African American Artists had few venues to showcase their work. Because of this, we would travel all over the country together from New York to California. We would stay in some cities up to a month. Some of us would share hotels, travel and food. Because of these bonds, not only was our work elevated, our business plans improved. We became a large family of Artists. It has been my honor to pull this show together and unite a group of friends.

Art Dillard

The Artists:

Arthur Dillard, Bradenton, FL

Major Gladden,  Sarasota, FL

Kareem Jones, Atlanta, GA

Ben Love, Bradenton, FL

Junior Moore, Kingston, Jamaica

Eluster Richardson, Tallahassee, FL

Everett Spruill, Orlando, FL



Manatee County School Exhibition 2015

Kellogg, Searle and Reid Hodges Galleries June 2-June 19, 2015

Home by Payton

Home by Payton

Owl by Jadeyn

Owl by Jadeyn

Estela by Naomi

Estela by Naomi


Opening Reception Thursday, June 4th, 5-7pm

Watch art come alive through the eyes of local school children in this exhibit of over 200 works by K-12 students from Manatee County Schools in our three galleries. Awards for work from grades K-2, 3-5 and 6-12. Pictured are the Best of Show Winners in each grade range.


No Boundaries – Open Exhibition

S Spann

Searle & Reid Hodges Galleries
June 23-July 24, 2015

An open, all media, juried exhibition

Opening Reception Thursday, June 25th, 5-7pm

Pick Up 7/25

Diana in Wonderland by Susanna Spann

Fractal Art By Joseph Presley

Kellogg Gallery June 23-July 31, 2015


Held for one week! Closes July 31st at 5:00pm

Joseph Presley is a local artist who combines mathematics with modern technology to render multilayered fractals into beautiful and deeply emotional artistic expressions. He has practiced fractal art since the late 90’s and is a true pioneer of this stimulating new art form which is recognized by its multifaceted patterns and infinite detail. As a pianist of 35 years, Joseph’s love for music is interwoven throughout his artwork and creates a confluence between his two greatest passions. With a third of the collection being musically themed, and live piano solos played by the artist throughout the opening reception, this will be a very unique and personal showing. Come experience the magnificent world of fractals as translated by Joseph and learn more about this beautifully complex realm of art.

KidsArt Camp Exhibition 2015

KidsArt KRC

Kellogg, Searle and Reid Hodges Galleries July 28 – August 14, 2015

Closing Reception and Party August 14, 5-7pm

Starting July 28th the ArtCenter gallery walls will be filled with fun art from our summer camp programs! We end our 2014/15 exhibition year with a closing reception and party! You’ll enjoy paintings, jewelry, pottery, paper mache, and more!


Oil painting by Katie C, 12 years old

Commitment to Excellence in Art & Sports

Kellogg Gallery August 26 – September 20, 2013

Opening Reception Thursday, September 5th, 5-7pm

Commitment to Excellence in Art & Sports

National Art Museum of Sport, NCAA, Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball and ArtCenter Manatee present the 3rd Annual International Fine Art Competition, Commitment to Excellence in Art & Sport.

The exhibit features over 30 paintings, sculptures, and photographs by artists depicting sport. The works were chosen by a three-panel jury following an international call for submissions. The competition attracted artists from 29 states and 10 countries. Fifty-eight sports were represented in the more than 247 works of art that were entered by 127 artists.

Awards from NAMOS and the National Collegiate Athletic Association will be announced at the exhibition opening. The Germain G. Glidden Best in Show Award and both National Collegiate Athletic Association awards, NCAA Honoring Academic and Athletic Excellence in Painting Award and NCAA Honoring Academic and Athletic Excellence in Sculpture Award, each feature a $2,500 prize.

Arthur Dillard

Searle Gallery August 26 – September 20, 2013

Opening Reception Thursday, September 5th, 5-7pm

Art Dillard at ArtCenter Manatee

A special viewing of approximately fifty original paintings with subjects consisting of Jazz, Sports, Landscapes and Portraits, over ninety percent of these paintings are first time viewing.

Paintings from Dillard’s personal collection will be on display will not be shown at any other exhibitions.

Arthur Dillard is a local Bradenton artist whose unique watercolor painting have been shown nationally as well as winning multiple awards.

Art by Kids with Cancer

Reid Hodges Gallery August 26 – September 20, 2013

Opening Reception Thursday, September 5th, 5-7pm
Art by Kids with Cancer at ArtCenter Manatee

Art by Kids with Cancer, a project of the Young Artists Awards

Artwork from the Pediatric Oncology/Hematology program at the Golisano
Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida

The Young Artists Awards, a not for profit organization benefiting local
students in the arts now in its eleventh year, works with the staff at the
Pediatric Oncology/Hematology program at the Golisano Children’s Hospital of
Southwest Florida.

The organization donates and delivers art supplies to the hospital for the
children to use in a therapeutic setting throughout the year, and then mats,
frames and exhibits selected pieces at various venues throughout the community.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the children’s artwork goes to provide
direct assistance to Southwest Florida families in crisis facing the financial
challenges of childhood cancer through the “Family Emergency Fund”, created and
funded by the Young Artists Awards.  This fund, administered by a social worker
at the hospital, helps families of kids with cancer with prescription costs,
groceries, transportation, and other items otherwise not covered.

Nell Rude Photography

Searle Gallery September 23 – October 25, 2013

Nell Rude Photography Exhibition

Opening Reception Thursday, September 26th, 5-7pm

A one woman show by Glenview, Ill. and Sarasota, FL Photographer Nell Rude. Her love of photography started as a hobby and bloomed into an art career. Through the eye of the lens she has created special moments on film to the delight of her admirers. She has attended many seminars, including some sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution.

Pen Women

Kellogg & Reid Hodges Galleries September 23 – October 25, 2013

Pen Women Exhibition

Opening Reception Thursday, September 26th, 5-7pm

Sarasota Pen Women are wildly creative women dedicated to the arts. They are made up of professional artists, writers, and musical composers with a passion for encouraging others along the creative path. Each year, the Sarasota Branch awards scholarships to Sarasota and Manatee County area high school seniors in art, letters and music.

The Pen Women archives chronicle the legacy of illustrious members, such as Vinnie Ream, Eleanor Roosevelt, Pearl Buck, Amy Beach, Georgia O’Keefe, and Eudora Welty.

Fine Craft 3D – Open Exhibition

Fine Craft 3D and Photography Exhibitions

Kellogg Gallery December 3 – January 3, 2013-14

Opening Reception Thursday, December 5th, 5-7pm

Susanna Spann, Juror, Fine Craft 3D Entries

Judge’s Statement, Fine Craft 3D Awards

 It was my privilege to jury an outstanding collection of craft art. The professionalism of the jewelry and ceramic departments is evident in the work entered into the show and the addition of the weavings, stained glass and sculpture made it a very well-rounded exhibition.
Congratulations to all of the artists.

Diane L. Shelly


1st Place
Wolfe Zucker Committee Meeting: Woman’s Resource Center Petrified Wood $400

2nd Place
Wendy Thurlow Sparkle Cuff Jewelry $200

3rd Place
Jean Snyder Turned to Stone Clay $150

Donna Carrion Empowerment Jewelry

April Godfrey Gold and Ice Jewelry

Dan Murray Untitled Raku

John Henry Checkers on the Side Turned Wood

Sue Kerr Sister Sister Sister Clay

November 30 – Receiving 9am- 1pm
January 4 – Pick Up 9am- 1pm

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