4th Annual School District of Manatee County Exhibit

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“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
– Albert Einstein

ArtCenter Manatee Welcomes the Work of Students from the School District of Manatee County, Grades K-12, All Media, Juried

Opening Reception
Wednesday April 26, 5-7pm

April 25 – May 19
All Galleries

What do you get when you challenge young artists in grades K-12 to express themselves creatively using paper, paint, markers, crayons, clay, copper and all sorts of other materials, and then bring it all together in the galleries of ArtCenter Manatee? You not only get an incredible art exhibit, you get a glimpse into our future, one where nothing is impossible and all our senses are engaged. Color, shape, dimension, mass, problem-solving, creative thinking, insightfulness and joy. These are some of the elements present. We are honored to host this fourth annual exhibit.

According to the National Arts in Education Association, learning to paint, create a website or design an energy-efficient home requires mastering skills which are often invisible to the naked eye, but are developed through a strong visual arts education. In Manatee County, we’re fortunate to have a Board of Education that has made a continued commitment to teaching the visual arts in its elementary, middle and high schools. By partnering with ArtCenter Manatee, that commitment is furthered by giving these young artists a ‘voice’ – three museum-quality galleries – where their work can be professionally displayed and where the artists can receive positive recognition by a wider audience.

ArtCenter Manatee offers the gallery space, marketing and expertise to help these budding artists get their due. The ArtCenter will also award scholarships to art classes to students whose work is judged (by an independent juror) to be among the best in each of three grade ranges.

For many students, it will be their first experience in preparing their work for display. And certainly for pricing their work with an eye to selling it. For most students, it will also be the first time they have ever been to an art gallery. The experience will show students the process of creating and preparing artwork for exhibit. The lessons they learn will stay with them throughout their lives.

The opening reception will be on Wednesday, April 26, from 5:00-7:00pm. Light, kid-appropriate snacks and beverages will be served. Exhibit and reception are free and open to the public.

MCS awards

Kim Engles

yoga 2Kim Engles comes to her career as a yoga instructor passionate to share the benefits yoga has brought to her life. In 11 years of personal practice she has witnessed the absolute serenity, stress and anxiety management as well as the beautiful physical benefits of yoga. She contributes yoga as the catalyst that has guided and supported her through some of the most difficult and tragic times in her life.

Making a permanent move in 2014 to Florida from her native Michigan she effectively “retired” as an college instructor in Interior Design and Architecture and closed her design business. The prospect of building a new design business here in Florida did not appeal to Kim but her love of teaching did. Combining 2 loves, she enrolled in Heartwood’s Yoga Teacher Training and now holds both 200YTT and Chair Yoga certifications with Yoga Alliance Registration and is currently enrolled at Heartwood to complete her 500YTT program.

Kim offers a calm and supportive atmosphere in her classes which include but are not limited to: Restorative Aroma Yoga; Yoga Foundations; Basic Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Chair Yoga. She encourages open communication with her students so they can receive the most benefit from their yoga experience. She offers the gift of healing touch and aromatherapy in her classes as well as inspirational quotes and poems.

Kim believes that yoga has been a blessing to her and teaches from a “pay it forward” mentality leading the yogis in her classes to find more balance, flexibility and peace in their lives both on and off the mat.

Classes with Kim Engles

Jennie Baas

100_1726Jennie Baas, Basket Weaver

Jennie has been an instructor at the ArtCenter, teaching the traditional yet contemporary art of basket weaving.

In creating her baskets, Jennie Baas operates from the belief that the “items we use in everyday life should be beautiful, as well as functional.” Using reed, fibers, pine needles, pottery, beads, yarn, gourds and more, Jennie incorporates both natural and non-traditional materials in updated interpretations of the basket form.
As a weaver for more than 25 years and teacher for most of that time, she loves sharing this very practical and beautiful art with others. There’s nothing like watching a first-time student realize that they can weave!

Throughout history, the art and craft of basket making has been passed down from generation to generation, in small groups and one-on-one instruction. Jennie is honored to be part of this tradition, and looks forward to sharing the art with you!

Classes with Jennie Baas